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As mentioned previously, code for the Slack-Python edition of Random Word Hell. I already have requests to add more trigger syntax, and I want to integrate data serialization of some variety (probably Pickle) so that data is preserved even if you have to restart it.

Also got a good chunk of basic DW API stuff written over the weekend but bluh bluh testing, etc.

40 Days of Anime - Day 37

Oct. 18th, 2017 02:21 pm
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37: Name a popular anime you love.

Most recent: YURI!!! ON ICE, as already discussed.

This is the drawback of staying firmly around the edges of anime fandom qua such - I'm not always sure which anime are popular in a wide sense, and which in a small sense. For example, I also love INITIAL D in all its Very 90s Anime glory, in which everyone mysteriously listens to Eurobeat and the only official relationship that will ever go anywhere is Takumi/driving (okay, also Any Other Main Character/driving). I didn't even drive myself when I first saw it.

40 Days of Anime - Day 36

Oct. 17th, 2017 01:52 pm
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36: In your opinion, what makes a good anime?

Well, there's the obvious, high-level answer of 'good art and good writing.' The more personal answer...I do like the art to be beautiful, but I also have a loose definition of 'beautiful.' I'm generally more interested in good characters than in a complicated plot, but really I just want the characters to feel real, not cardboard images tossing the Idiot Ball back and forth. Also I am a firm proponent of 'Real does not have to equal Grimdark,' so there's that too.

Finally, though - it comes down to it being the right story at the right time for you. And that's nearly impossible to call ahead of time.

40 Days of Anime - Day 35

Oct. 16th, 2017 01:08 pm
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35: Have you ever dropped an anime, if so why?

Oh dear lord yes. Several. Some of them with extreme prejudice. Why wouldn't I?

If you want actual reasons, they vary:
* Sometimes a particular character pings me the wrong way - see previous post on characters I hate for two examples. (To be fair, both of those were 'didn't even finish the first episode' reactions, which I don't think technically counts as dropping a series, because I hadn't even properly picked it up.)
* Sometimes I get into a series for X (a character, a plot point, a tonal feel), and then the series stops using X - see RE-KAN, which I burbled about here. Halfway through the season it developed something pretending to be a plot, and lost the sweet fluffiness I loved.
* Sometimes I think a series is going to be one thing, and then I watch a second episode and it's not - or I watch a second episode, and the things that irritated me in the first episode have only gotten worse, while the things I liked have gotten fewer. Example this time is AIRMASTER - bad fight choreography, insufficient girl love, I tapped out.

(And then, of course, there are lots and lots of series that I mean to go back to, but haven't yet. This is why my Crunchyroll queue is so long. :wince:)
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A slightly spooky coord for a ghost tour last night 👻 #egl #lolitafashion JSK - @haenulishop Blouse - @neoludwig Jacket - #atelierboz Tights - @komachi2266531 Hat - handmade

Turn It Up To Eleven

Oct. 13th, 2017 10:25 pm
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My company does hackathons twice a year, where people can work on pretty much anything they want to over the course of three workdays and a weekend. One of the company's founding members and the chief architect of Hackathon is a burner, so they are themed and fantastically Extra in all the best ways. I started a few days before Hackathon X (space), got invited to help in the late stages of decor planning for Hackathon 10 5/7ths (down the rabbit hole/enchanted forest) and was a part of the entire decor process and was part of the organizing committee for Hackathon 11 (rock and roll).

Which is a roundabout way of saying oh my god, the last week or two has been SO busy. Totally fantastic, but so busy.

-we turned the main breakroom/kitchen into a record store (Exfiltrated Records, because appsec nerds like puns too), with bins, a small stage, band posters everywhere, a wall of t-shirts, and 45s and disco balls hanging from the ceiling.

-I set up an internet radio station where people could sign up for an hour block and upload playlists which would be streamed for everyone. Despite being at least 50% the programming equivalent of string and duct tape, it actually mostly works?

- A group of people set up a band-themed escape room (Escape the Green Room) as their hack which 1) is totally amazing and 2) my team has the best time for so far, despite only one of us having ever done an escape room before. We'll see how Monday's teams do...

-I rewrote the code for my favorite IRC bot, Random Word Hell, using Slack's python API. I'll share the repo once I've polished it up a bit.

-My big hack is doing more work on a new DW API, so that's my project for the weekend and Monday. We'll see how far I get with it.

Photos later, maybe? Right now I want to sleep forever.

40 Days of Anime - Day 34

Oct. 13th, 2017 11:36 am
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34: Have you ever watched an anime only because you liked a specific character?

Yes. (YUU YUU HAKUSHO, Kurama.) ...on the other hand, (a) I didn't watch the whole thing (it's surprisingly easy to curate a Kurama-centric marathon of YYH), and (b) I didn't hate any characters (found them boring, mostly). My friend Kay is able to watch entire series because she loves X Minor Character, even if she actively hates Main Character(s). I've never been able to do that.

40 Days of Anime - Day 33

Oct. 12th, 2017 03:30 pm
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33: Would you ever watch an anime with over 100 episodes?

Yes? But it's the kind of 'yes' that comes with a hand-wobble. I've watched Significant Chunks of BLEACH, for example, and I still have DETECTIVE CONAN in my Crunchyroll queue, which is up around 800-something episodes and still going. But I also noped out of BLEACH somewhere in the Arrancar arc (I think), and the reason I watch DETECTIVE CONAN is because I blithely ignore its Overarching Plot (which was silly even before it meandered on without resolution for, uh, :checks Wikipedia: nearly 30 years, Jesus Mary and Joseph) and stick to the generally-no-longer-than-two-episode mysteries du jour.

As a plan for future watching, no. I don't trust an anime over 100 episodes to know where the heck it's going, and I have plenty of shorter anime waiting for me.

40 Days of Anime - Day 32

Oct. 11th, 2017 01:38 pm
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32: If you could make a game for an anime of your choice, what would it be and why?

Wife would totally go for a (...non-immersive I hope) RL Sword Arts Online. I think this is vastly over-estimating our skill at Actual Video Games, and nope. There is a reason we play the Lego video games: those are aimed just about right for our skill level.

If they did a adventure/hidden object game (a la Big Fish Games, though? Especially if they did one of their Very Loose Adaptations? I would be all over that, just saying.

(Hey, they did Phantom of the Opera, and a whole series based on Edgar Allan Poe's stories and poems. It's not totally implausible that they could create something playable out of Detective Conan, for example.)

40 Days of Anime - Day 31

Oct. 10th, 2017 04:43 pm
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31: Have you ever watched an anime with over 23 episodes?

Yes. Not recently, but I've done it. HIKARU NO GO, which I still love, is somewhere around 75 episodes; GUNDAM WING, my entry anime, is 49 according to Wikipedia. My completion rate is low, but the mere knowledge that there's over 23 episodes is not enough to stop me from watching.

(Now I kinda want to go to my Crunchyroll queue and see how many series in there are over 23 episodes. Hmm.)

40 Days of Anime - Day 30

Oct. 9th, 2017 01:06 pm
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30: How many anime episodes is 'ideal' for you?

Probably single-season, so 13? Mostly because I trust single-season shows to have a clear, coherent story with a proper ending, as opposed to 'la de da, let's see how long we can milk this' (how is there an actual sequel to Naruto, dear lord). Also I am terrible at marathoning, and easily distracted, so the shorter a show is, the higher the probability I'll actually get all the way through to the end. :wince:

40 Days of Anime - Day 29

Oct. 7th, 2017 03:13 pm
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29: Has an anime's fanbase ever made you hesitant to watch an anime?

Yes, but not necessarily for the reason that the question implies. Fandom's gonna fandom, you know? For a fandom to actually turn me off of a canon a priori, it would need to be (a) omnipresent and (b) clearly focused on Things I Do Not Like.

Generally, though...I find it pretty easy to watch things without engaging with their fandoms. (It helps that I'm not monofannish any more: it makes it easier to engage on the O HAI SHINY THING level, without feeling Personally Affronted when someone doesn't fan in my exact way, see also: my shameful fannish past.) So no, I haven't been scared off any anime by its fandom that I can remember.

(...also I tend to not engage with new/current anime? YOI is unusual for me in that sense. This means that I am coming across anime years, literally, after they aired, and whatever fans remaining tend to also be of the 'OMG SOMEONE ELSE ACTUALLY LIKES THIS THING' breed that makes best-case-scenario Yuletide so fun.)
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28: Do you watch a new anime because you think it will be good, or because it's popular?

...I do not understand this question? I mean, granted, I simultaneously live under a rock and also am on Tumblr enough that I am not infrequently Introduction Vector for Wife for various things (e.g. CARMILLA). But I am not actually good about trying new things.

Really, what it comes down to is two points. 1. I separate fandom from canon, 2. Good, Popular, and Things I Like are not always overlapping circles. )
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